STOP Your Crowdfunding Campaign!!

Wait… Stop reading this article and put your crowdfunding campaign on pause.
This may sound strange from a very outspoken proponent of crowdfunding, its ability to revolutionize marketing and democratizing finance but you MUST cancel your campaign, unless you have spent the last 3-6 months preparing for it to succeed.
If there is one thing I have learned over the last 20+ months covering the crowdfunding industry, reviewing crowdfunding platforms and consulting/promoting projects on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe and a dozen other crowdfunding websites, it’s that you’re most likely not ready to run a successful campaign.
Crowdfunding is not the magic ticket to the money you need or want for your new product, business venture or not-for-profit. The vast majority of people who have run successful crowdfunding campaigns have worked harder on campaign creation and promotion then on any other project they have worked on before.  If you can not check off the every item on the pre-crowdfunding campaign launch list below – Pause the project immediately and get to work:

1. Build your Social Network – You should be building this network of contacts months before you not only launch your project but before you even start talking about it. No surprise that these sites include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. Other social networks should be included if they cater to your specific industry. The fact is that over 30% of your donations will come from the first 3 levels of your social network. In the case of personal need crowdfunding this number jumps up to over 70%. If you are not comfortable with these proven statistics, your campaign is not ready for launch.

2. Build a list of websites and reporters that cover both crowdfunding projects and your specific industry or cause. Although not a surprise, appealing to writers that cover your specific industry are difference makers to your crowdfunding campajgn. A few articles on industry specific websites are your best promotional placements. All sites are looking for crowdfunding projects to cover, its a great time to make those connections and pitch the story. This should be done up to 8 weeks prior to launch.

3. Create a professional video presentation. Campaigns with Video presentations are more than twice as likely to succeed and 4 times more likely to get the the viral effect we are all looking for with our online marketing efforts. This is one area of your campaign effort that spending a few dollars will likely pay back 5 fold.

4. Be Transparent in writing your campaign. Write a very detailed description of not only your project but about you. The crowd wants a story, they want to know why you will be successful in your campaign and why you are the right campaign to back. Your campaign can not be put together in 20 minutes. I can guarantee that your campaign will fail if you publish your first attempt at telling your story in under an hour.

5. PROOF READ IT!! Do not attempt to approach the crowd with misspellings and a poorly written campaign. Nothing turns off donors, investors or customers like an organization that is not willing to take the time to put together a well written and readable campaign.

The list is short and a quick read but the process isn’t. There is no way to avoid these proven steps in helping to improve your chances of success. We have worked with some very successful PR Firms, Crowdfunding Consulting Firms and Creatives; Each one (each legitimate one) will tell you that there is no way around each of the steps on this list.

There is one notable exception to some of these rules. In the case of personal need crowdfunding you likely don’t have the time or resources to follow all the items on the list. These are cases where your personal social media network will make or break your campaign. Encourage folks to share your campaign but ultimately the relationships you have built with people over the years are the only chance of success. With that in mind… BE HONEST and BE NICE (always like finding a way to share this advice)

Good Luck with your Crowdfunding Campaign!!




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