Crowd Funding Forum

CrowdFundingForum was created by Brian Krassenstein, an entrepreneur
and investors.  His vision for the forum is for it to be a hub for the
various crowdfunding platforms, as well as a place for investors, in
both past and present projects, to congregate and share information
about the various projects they have funded.

With equity crowdfunding about to take the United States by storm, aims to be the spot in which due diligence can
be conducted for prospective investors, as well as a way in which the
possibly confusing rules and regulations may be shared and understood
by the general investing public.

Crowdfunding Forum is a great place to promote your Crowdfunding project,
as well as a place to bounce ideas, seeing what has worked or not worked in
past and present crowdfunding projects.

The forum is regularly visited by both crowdfunding professional and people
new to the crowdfund revolution. Traffic and Idea Exchanges are growing rapidly
on the CrowdfundingForum.

We recommend you check out the CrowdFundingForum if you are looking
to exchange ideas or find answers to your crowdfunding questions.

As part of our working partnership with CrowdfundingForum, We have a folder specific to our site. Please visit our folder and join in the conversation HERE – CFWR FOLDER


Reviews of crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and GoFundMe

Crowdfunding Website Reviews provides information on the best crowdfunding sites and service providers. Ranking and reviewing since 2012. Campaign creators can place a free ad to promote your crowdfunding campaign on our homepage. We encourage platform owners to contact us with new information.

You've got an idea, project, cause or business that you've poured your whole heart in to. You're irrevocably passionate, but faith can only take you so far. Thanks to the alternate universe known as cyber space, you’re never too far from someone that shares your convictions. Better yet, they may be willing to dig deep into their pockets to help you achieve your goal when it may have seemed like all was lost.

Crowd funding sites are on the rise and are a fantastic option for helping you raise the dough for the project you believe in, but haven’t been able to get off the ground. You wouldn’t just give your money away to a stranger, so consider turning the tables and really investigate which site is right for you to gather funds. There’s a plethora of options out there, so choosing one in the ever growing sea of websites can be daunting to stay the least! But there’s hope! Like the strong beam of a lighthouse, reviews site ‘Crowdfunding Website Reviews’ will guide you safely through the stormy waters of the crowdfunding world.

This “does exactly what it says on the tin” review site delves right into its top featured examinations as soon as you land on the homepage, no messing around. Did you know there could be this many sites available to you? Well fear not, all reviews are broken down into easily digestible sectors and held at the top in clear, concise tabs making this site one easy place to navigate. From niche crowdfunding sites, to all the top players in the game, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit. Each review comes with easy-to-understand star ratings covering customer service, cost of use and traffic; as well as a fully informative and analytical breakdown of what the site has to offer, and how well they deliver their service.

This is your chance to fulfill your dream, don’t take it lightly. Inform yourself and rest easy in the knowledge that the people investing in your project are sharing your passion, and so are investing their belief in you. - Jessica A.