The Advantages of Going Public

Your sales are soaring. Your expenses are no problem. And your mind is filled with fresh ideas. New opportunities to promote your ideas are banging on your door. Congratulations! It’s time to go public.

Being the optimistic entrepreneur that you are, the challenge of going public seems to be the only logical thing to do. Your partner, however, sees the glass as half empty. When opportunity knocked, your partner didn’t seem to hear it. And besides. What would going public mean for you? What factors count in the decision?

Going public is a proclamation to the business world that your business venture is ready to go to the next level. You are inviting investors to come in and financially support your hard work and bright ideas. In essence, you are declaring that you are ready.

Going public is not a microwave process. The first filing transactions are only the beginning. “Becoming a public company begins with an initial public offering, or IPO, which makes a company’s stock available for sale to the public” (Keythman, 1999-2012). Once you have made it to public status, your administrative duties become a bit more complex. But no pain, no gain, right? The reason for going public is to position your company to qualify for greater business opportunities. And you will.

Some of the advantages a company experiences when going public include but are not limited to larger opportunities to access capital, improved liquidity and enhance your corporate image. “The result of going public is a significant increase in funds along with an increased level of public awareness, corporate responsibility and legal requirements’ (Acevedo, 1999-2012). Taking on the new requirements will reflect dedication to your dream and confidence in its success. Banks will consider financing a publicly traded company faster than a sole proprietor.  “Going public can provide funds for company expansion or product development” (Qwoter, 2006-2012). Your company may even attract new workers. Also, public stock is pretty liquid; it’s easier to sell than private stock. Best of all, the process will be a valuable learning experience for you, regardless of how the company fares. The business world is a jungle, and any wisdom or experience you can gain is worth the pain. This leads us to the final questions: How high is your risk tolerance? Do ‘cold feet’ run in your family? Are you willing to go public with or without your partner? With or without your spouse?

How do you know if you are ready to go public? The answer is simple. Opportunity cost. If the benefits of going public outweigh the costs to you in time and resources, then you are ready. If the benefits won’t be realized right away but you can afford to wait on the long run, you are ready. Business is like a box of chocolates. It doesn’t matter which piece you get, all of it is chocolate.
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