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Crowdfunding Directory
One of the newer crowdfunding resources found online is

What makes Crowdfunding-Directory different from the other directories and resource websites?
Glad you asked. Crowdfunding Directory utilizes Geo-Location technology in order to display the crowdfunding sites and services listed on the website.

Why would someone need geo-location on a crowdfunding directory?
Actually there are a few reasons, maybe we can give one that you haven’t thought of. The first reason and most obvious, well, it looks pretty cool and is a simple way to organize the growing number of crowdfunding websites online.
Another is that it tends to add a level of comfort when dealing with a company that resides in the same country you do. We don’t necessarily believe that it adds any safety but from many users standpoint, we can see how it does.
The reason you may not have thought of is the power and growth that we at believe we will see in the next few years in localized crowdfunding, specifically in local equity crowdfunding.
Currently most crowdfunding sites are catering to the Global Crowdfunding marketplace. These examples include films, websites and new technology funding. We believe the real power of crowdfunding will come from local markets, local small businesses and local investors or crowdfunding project supporters.
An example of this would be a small retail business that supports a local community. Perhaps the only dry cleaner in town closes its doors. The town needs a dry cleaner but no one has either the resources or know how to operate the business successfully. One of the former employees from the former business has no shortage of experience running a Dry Cleaning operation but does not have the capital required (or the credit to go to a conventional bank).
This is where localized crowdfunding becomes a win-win-win. A win for the ex-employee, A win for the community and A win for the crowdfunded equity holders in the new Dry Cleaning business.
This example would work in the case of most any small business, particularly in a smaller community. Think Pizza place, convenience store or any other small business catering to a small, local community.
Crowdfunding Directory is in a great position to lead the charge in localized, niche crowdfunding with its utilization of geo-location to organize the crowdfunding sites registered to its directory.
The directory offers three levels of listings, all of which are incredibly affordable for the type of exposure we believe you will see for your crowdfunding platform as the directory grows in popularity.
To their credit, the basic level of listing is absolutely free. Other options include platinum and premium both at incredibly reasonable prices, especially when you consider how easy it is to get lost in the quickly growing crowdfunding space.

We would recommend that end users have an opportunity to use in conjunction with our site. Once you find the crowdfunding platform you are looking for on the directory, come back and visit us for our unbiased review.


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