How to Promote Your Kickstarter Campaign

How to Promote your Kickstarter Campaign


So you’ve finalized the details for your Kickstarter campaign page, created an amazingly witty or thought provoking video, and come up with some enticing backer rewards?

Good job, but there is still a lot more you should be doing.

Unfortunately it doesn’t matter how good your crowdfunding campaign looks, if hardly anyone finds your Kickstarter page. Sure the search and browsing functions on the Kickstarter site will help you get discovered to some extent, but you need to take a proactive approach if you want to stand a good chance of reaching (and hopefully exceeding) that all important funding goal.

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If you already have a blog up running than you should certainly write posts to build up interest in your new project idea. However, the real trick is to reach a larger audience by creating guest blog posts for other related blogs in your industry. Identifying smaller and more focused blogs is likely to give you the best response and positive results.



Think about who would be interested in your Kickstarter campaign and where they would hang out online. Relevant forums are a great place to interact with your potential backers. Remember to make genuine contributions to the community, as no one likes a spammer.


Social Media

To achieve that coveted viral effect you need a solid social media strategy for your crowdfunding efforts. Facebook is the go to social platform no matter what your campaign is about. Set up a fan page and keep it fresh with regular updates.

Twitter should be next on your list. To get most out of Twitter it is best to approach it from two different angles. Start off by promoting your crowdfunding project to existing followers. Your other priority is to follow people who have are influencers in either your specific industry or in crowdfunding in general.

LinkedIn is a good place to promote your idea particularly when it is closely related to your profession. Depending on the type of campaign it can work better than Facebook in attracting backers.

Finally don’t underestimate Pinterest. Words can only convey so much. Use images and visuals to their fullest and grab people’s attention. Create compelling pictures that your target audience will want to pin and share with others.


Getting the Word Out

Day one of your Kickstarter campaign can be daunting and more than a little intimidating. Talk directly to friends, family and colleagues and gauge their interest in your campaign.

Don’t be afraid to ask the people you know to help you out. This could be in the form of direct contributions or telling their friends about it. Getting those first few contributions as early as possible will help your Kickstarter campaign reach a happy conclusion.

Remember it all comes down to taking a systematic approach to your marketing efforts. Kickstarter promotion doesn’t have to be stressful. Create a plan and stick to it to reach your crowdfunding dreams.

Crowdfunding Promotion Services are a good option to put your crowdfunding campaign over goal but don’t expect a promotional service to make it all happen, regardless of how good they are. It’s your campaign, you own the success or failure.

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