Funded Justice – Crowdfunding an Attorney

Funded Justice is a crowdfunding platform which helps people raise money for their legal fees for any type of legal action. This can include issues regarding malpractice, criminal charges, or communities and families who require legal representation. This platform was created based on the principle that everyone requires equal treatment before the law. Not everyone who must be present in court can afford to retain a lawyer on their behalf or qualify for legal aid. Those who do not have the necessary financial backing usually end up having their day in court with no legal representation present and can have significant bearing on the case in question.

Creating a fundraising campaign with Funded Justice is quite simple. The person who wishes to launch a campaign must create an account to begin. The purpose of the campaign and any photographs the user chooses to upload to the campaign are then added to the profile. It is advisable that the situation be described with all the important details in a clear and concise manner. The aim here is to provide an adequate description of why you require legal representation, not to write your biographical novel about the incident. People generally don’t want to read lengthy pieces and their attention will wander away if you don’t manage to keep it relatively short. You may also wish to add a video where you appear telling your story as this can help you make a more personal connection with those who view your campaign.

Once the user has created their account and situation, Funded Justice must then review and approve it prior to it going live. The approval portion of the campaign generally takes less than 24 hours. Once approval has been granted, the user can then launch the campaign and share their story through their social media accounts. Funded Justice will also share the campaign on their social media networks to get you the most views possible. It is important to keep your fundraising goal realistic and choose the type of campaign you wish to run. Should a campaign not get Funded Justice approval, they will work with the user until the campaign meets their standards and can be published.

Funded Justice suggests that you have a few supporters donate as soon as the campaign has gone live. This can greatly influence whether people will donate and those campaigns which have received early funding tend to do better and have a higher chance of reaching the fundraising goal. Share with your friends and family members via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms and ask them to donate early to help boost you along on your way. They suggest you also speak to members in your community or community organizations for a donation such as your local legal aid foundation, government office, or institutions like churches.

This platform supports two types of campaigns, flexible funding or all-or-nothing campaign types. Flexible funding is exactly what it sounds like. Whether you reach your projected goal or not, you will receive the portion of funding you did manage to raise. With all-or-nothing campaigns, you must reach your fundraising goal or contributors will get their money back and you’ll walk away empty handed. The type you choose is entirely up to you.

It doesn’t cost anything to open a Funded Justice account or launch a campaign up front. Instead, the crowdfunding platform charges a fee based on the total amount of money which has been raised throughout the duration of the campaign. Flexible Funding campaigns that do not reach their project target will be charged a fee of 8%. All campaigns that meet or go beyond their funding targets are charged 5% of the funds raised. Payment processing partners WePay and PayPal charge an additional fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 per donation as bank account and direct credit card transaction feels.  Should an All-or-Nothing campaign fail to reach its target goal, no fees are charged whatsoever. Fees differ for non-profit organizations so it is suggested that you contact Funded Justice before launching a campaign as a non-profit entity. Campaign contributors do not have to pay any fees when making a donation.

Once a Funded Justice campaign has reached its deadline the funds are ready for collection. In an All-or-Nothing campaign that doesn’t reach the funding level set by the user when they launch, none of the promised pledges will be collected. This avoids payment fees set out by the payment processing companies and those donating don’t have to worry about what happened to their money. Those who have opted for the Flexible Funding option will receive all the funds which were pledged by their supporters when the campaign has reached its deadline.

The streamlined user interface used by Funded Justice keeps all of your campaign contacts in one centralized location for easy access. This makes the process easier for both parties and allows for easier sharing across social media platforms. Because they use PayPal and WePay, there’s no need to be concerned with whether your financial information is secure or not. Both parties use data encryption to protect users and have excellent reputations for their levels of security.

Funded Justice can be the answer for anyone facing a legal dilemma who does not have the funds at their disposal or who is not eligible to receive assistance from legal aid. Start your campaign as early as possible to increase the likelihood that you will receive the reach the required funding amounts before you’re due to show up in court. Lawyers require time to work on your case and it must fit into their busy schedule. If it is at all possible, plan in advance and start your campaign early as this will give your legal advisor time to do their job once you have the funding in hand. Do your homework and get an estimate from your lawyer for the cost of representing you for your particular issue. While use of this crowdfunding platform cannot guarantee you will achieve your fundraising goal and get you the legal advice you require, many campaigns have been successful.


In an age of growing inequality, one of the most unequal aspects of our society is in the representation of citizens who need legal help. The United States justice system should be blind, but unfortunately, it is people who have money who end up with lesser punishments and a more fair trial. Funded Justice seeks to change that. They are a crowdfunding site for people who need legal representation and cannot otherwise afford it.


How many times has a news story broken about a celebrity who is arrested for a DUI managing to skate away from punishment with little more than a slap on the wrist? It is a fact that wealthy people have an advantage when it comes to navigating the legal system. Public defenders and court-appointed attorneys for people who cannot pay for representation themselves are often overworked and underpaid. When people have the monetary means to find paid legal representation of their choosing, they are able to have a stronger hand in their own fate within the legal system. (Funded Justice – Built in Chicago)


Funded Justice is essentially the legal version of the popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter (Kickstarter can not be used for this type of fundraiser). Here’s how it works. The first step is creating your campaign page. Fill it up with your story; include text, photos, videos, or any other information that will let people know why they should support you. Make your case as plainly as you can and explain why you need assistance. The next step involves easily sharing it across all social networks and with your friends, family, and local organizations. The site is already integrated with many different social networks.


Then, you raise your funds, accepting money from people all across the globe. The final step is taking the money and hiring an attorney so you can have your day in court. The process is simple, easy, and safe.


Another great feature of Funded Justice is the offer of two choices of the type of campaign a person wants to run: either Flexible Funding or All-or-Nothing. The Flexible Funding option means that a person who starts a campaign will be able to collect all donations even if the fund does not reach its full goal. The All-or-Nothing option means that if the campaign doesn’t reach its full goal, the recipient won’t receive any of the pledged funds.


Why should you go through Funded Justice instead of simply asking your friends and family for help? The main advantage of Funded Justice is that it provides the framework for you to easily allow people to donate to your cause. One of the biggest barriers to people donating to charitable causes is that it isn’t simple, easy or safe to do so. Funded Justice works through Paypal and WePay to protect the financial information of donors, providing a safe transaction for everyone involved.


Funded Justice’s aim is to do more than just talk about fairness and equality in America’s legal system. They have created a framework that ensures everyone has the opportunity for fair and equal legal representation, regardless of a person’s financial situation.


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