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We all make mistakes in life and two years ago I made my biggest one. I moved into my boyfriends parents home. These two years have been filled with ups and downs, I graduated, my car broke down. Here lately there have been a lot more downs than ups. It took me forever to find a job I could get to without having a vehicle.. and when I finally did it was only a part time job that paid eight dollars an hour.

Making at most ninety dollars a week is not a lot of money. There is always to much time at the end of my money, so to speak, and never any to save. I've become trapped in this loop of going to work, trying to save, and failing because the house needs food. I've been unable to get a vehicle and can't seem to lift myself off of the ground. It has also caused me to become depressed, and I have gained almost fifty pounds because of it.

I love my boyfriend, I also love his family but it became so easy to be trapped. There is not enough room to build a life where I am at, I want to one day have a good job, a nice cozy home and kids of my own. But right now I can't even get myself a car. I'm reaching out to ask for some help. The money would go to getting me a vehicle and paying a few months of the insurance until I could get a job so I could pay the insurance. It would also possibly stretch into paying appartment fees if I find a nicely priced car and can move out. The money would help get me off the ground and moving on with life.

And see my pup in the picture? It would also help pay for him to go to the vet. I was underage when I got scrappy, he has never been to the vet and I would like to get him fixed and make sure everything is okay with him(my main concern is that he isn't as 'thick' as he once was. He isn't skinny but he use to be a lot more muscular and active. It might be him getting older I am not sure). Right now he is living with an elderly lady until I can get my feet off the ground and find us a home.


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