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: United States, Florida, Fort Pierce

About the Book

This softcover book (TTDB: Vol II) is 8 X 10.5 and features artwork from me, Chris Foulkes. There will be two versions: a Fan Edition and a regular Edition. Most of the images will be exclusive to the book and won't be seen anywhere else. Please note that the book does contain some nudity... but dont be afraid of some bare breast. The book will feature full color images, two short comics (5 pages and 3 pages) and sketches from a variety of genres and series including:

- Anime (Cowboy Bebop, DBZ, Bleach)

- Marvel (Black Cat, MJ etc)

- DC (WW. Powergirl etc)

- Videogames (Mass Effect, Bayonetta, Metroid/Samus etc)

- TV (Game of Thrones, Legend of Korra etc)

- And More

Regular Edition: 48 pages of awesome art. The book will be available for sale on my site and at conventions/shows.

EXCLUSIVE FAN EDITION: The Fan edition of Time to Draw Boobs: Volume II will be strictly limited to those who back the project. There will be no extras printed. None. This edition will be 52 pages, have a new cover and 4 exclusive pages dedicated to you, the fans. These "Fan Pages" will be indicated with a "GO" at the bottom corner of the image.

HARDCOVER CLUB EDITION: Same as the Fan edition except in a hardcover. Limited to only 30 and will only be available in this project. The book will be signed and numbered and comes with the "Hardcover Club" 12 X 18 Exclusive Print.

PUBLISHED ART CLUB! Get a piece of artwork from the book! The original art is 8 X 11 and rendered with markers and sith magic. Please note that this reward level should only be added to those receiving a physical reward already. Choose from the pieces listed below the reward tiers (click to see a larger image).


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