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: U.S., Arizona, Mesa
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On March 29,2015 at 1pm, Tiag and Christine were out enjoying the beautiful Arizona weather on their brand new Harley Davidson. Prior to leaving home, they were enjoying swimming in their pool and decided to go for a ride. Tiag and Christine were hit on their motorcycle by a motorist who was not paying attention. Tiag and Christine had mere seconds to brace for the impact. Christine was taken by ambulance and Tiag was rushed by Life Flight to Scottsdale Osborne Trauma Center.

Tiag is 39 yrs old and has worked in the construction industry for the last 18+ years. Due to the extreme injuries he sustained, there will be a lot of therapy and physical healing on a very long road of recovery for him.

Tiag and Christine just celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary May 18th. They have 2 wonderful children- a beautiful daughter Meadow (12) and a handsome son Anthony (11). Tiag and Christine just purchased a home in December with Christine's mother Cindy. Cindy, who sustained life altering injuries in 1984 leaving her as a quadriplegic, lost her long term insurance due to changes in the insurance world. Tiag and Christine did not blink an eye to merge their family with Cindy so they could all live under one roof to save money and help take care of Cindy. Cindy is the most amazing woman I have ever met. Not once did she let her quadriplegia keep her from raising her beautiful daughters as a single mother.

Due to this motorcycle accident, Tiag was in a medically induced coma on a ventilator in ICU for 8 days during which time he underwent 5 surgeries. These surgeries included putting a rod and screws to repair and straighten his femur, reattach his sacrum to his spinal cord, bolt and rod his broken pelvis back together in several places and a couple of repairs and amputations in his manly area.

This family has overcome many obstacles over the last 3 decades since Christine's mom was rear ended and her neck was broken in 1984, yet they have never asked for assistance. They are always the first to give and help when someone is in need. If there is anything you can give to help cover what will be a long and hard road it would be appreciated more than words can describe.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!


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