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An unfortunate accident happened. I was sitting outside with my two dogs who were on outdoor dog wires. My Akita named Kitta slipped out of her harness and bite another dog. The dog had been barking at her and previously go out of the neighbor’s house and went after her. The owner of the dog wants her put down. I feel terrible about what happened and am trying to make amends with the man and his dog. I have to pay his vet bills which I understand and am responsible for. I am also fighting to keep her alive. The man wants her put down. She never hurt a person or did anything like this before. My pit bull Brutus heard the commotion and came down the street. He sniffed the other dog to see what is going on. The neighbors lied to the cop and are saying the bit bull also bite the dog. He did not touch that dog but because he is an “evil breed” they want to put him down to. I am trying to fight this and get “dangerous dog insurance” on them which is very expense for these “dangerous beast” that sleep in bed with my Ayedon. I also need to get a kennel cemented outdoors as a requirement. If I cannot do this the court will take both my dogs even the innocent pit bull. With all of this I am in need of assistance paying for the kennel. Please help me keep my pit bull alive. He did nothing wrong and is the sweetest dog ever. Thank you for reading this.


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