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Global Handprints, a social enterprise, announced it is raisng funds via a rewards and equity crowdfunding campaign. The company set out to raise £50,000 on to develop and establish a Community Development and Volunteer Centre; a base for volunteer teaching placements that will upskill locally trained teachers.

Global Handprints believes that children all around the world should not only have access to education but that it should be an education in which the teaching competes at an international level. Amidst an emphasis on children becoming Global Citizens, Global Handprints believes that in order for children to truly do so, they first need to be global learners, being taught by teachers who share skills and experience with their international colleagues. This is an exciting time in which there has been a great deal of development in international education and following the MDGs, the Global Goals for Sustainable Development address Quality Education, aiming to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.” World leaders will continue to focus on education, improving access and standards across the world as part of their ‘ambitious, long-term agenda to improve people’s lives and protect the planet for future generations.’

Global Handprints plans to launch an active, hands on approach to bridge the skills gap currently occurring between teaching in the western world and developing countries. Our volunteer project aimed specifically at international, fully qualified teachers. The Teachers teaching Teachers (TtT) project will enable teachers to spend time at schools in rural South Africa exposing locally qualified teachers to new ideas, techniques and approaches they can bring into their classrooms. International Volunteer Teachers will run workshops, observe lessons, model methods and strategies, and share their skills. In turn children will benefit from a higher standard of teaching making them more likely to be able to compete as global citizens with their international peers in the business and education world.

Global Handprints is raising funds to establish a Community Development Volunteer Centre, a hub from which Teachers teaching Teachers (TtT) placements can be run and in which the community will have involvement. “By setting ourselves up within the community, we will be seen as members rather than outsiders who try to help then leave. The Centre will operate as a base for volunteer placements but will also generate jobs for local people and help to empower and inspire community members to develop their services, we are giving ownership over what we do to local people.” Lottie Reeves, Campaign Manager.

Global Handprints offers volunteer placements at grass roots projects in South Africa. We believe that opportunities to experience the culture, traditions, landscapes, people and wildlife that South Africa has to offer, should be available for all.


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